Monthly and Quarterly Retainers

OfficeOps works with most businesses on a monthly flat fee – we design a custom scope of work including the things you most need help with, then we manage those tasks on an ongoing basis.

Our average size client company has an annual revenue from 200k – 3 million annually and between 0 – 15 employees.

Our emphasis on setting up correct systems when businesses are getting started poises companies for growth and allows them to expand without their systems breaking down.

Most retainer costs from 1-3% of annual revenue depending on the size of your organization and your needs.

Common Packages

  • Basic Package:
    • Bookkeeping twice/month
    • Monthly reconciliation
    • Monthly reporting
    • Monthly reviews
    • Financial or HR consulting including

  • Advanced Package:
    • Everything in the basic package
    • Payroll
    • HR Onboarding & Offboarding
    • HR Compliance
    • A/P
    • A/R monitoring including reviewing payments and correspondence
    • State and Local tax compliance

  • Premium Package:
    • Everything in the Advanced Package
    • Financial Reporting
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Profitability Analysis (quarterly)