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Modernize Your Onboarding

Human Resources can help preserve and extend a company’s culture by ensuring long term employees feel valued and new employees get up to speed rapidly. Here are 5 items to start with to strengthen your human resources function.

1. Turn onboarding into a team sport.
2. Make the workplace fun.
3. Gather and listen to employee feedback constantly.
4. Make it easy to get stuff done.
5. Put employees first.

Executive Assistants Create Enormous Increases in Productivity

Many organizations are getting rid of Administrative Assistants to save money and create a flat hierarchy. However, an effective Executive Assistant can revolutionize the work of a rising executive. Growing companies should match the person with the role – an executive should not spend their valuable time on paperwork if it’s better to hire someone else to do it. Executive Assistant can give an executive the freedom to focus on the most important issues, be a sounding board for risky ideas, and connect the busy and often traveling executive with the rest of the staff and the morale of the company.

Workplace Flexibility is Strategic

“Are your employees stressed? Is engagement low? Productivity slipping? Turnover increasing? Do you have a “leaky pipeline” especially when it comes to women achieving leadership positions? Are the rising stars in your organization expressing concern about their work-life fit? Is employee health and well-being declining?

We must not be bound by the outdated notion that all work must be done within the confines of an office between the hours of 8 and 5. Our 24/7 global economy requires that we are available far beyond normal office hours, and technology readily enables us to do so. What technology does not do, however, is allow us to set boundaries on our own personal time. We must actively consider how to meet our work and personal obligations in a way that we can be successful at both.

I heard how […] highly successful organizations are taking a strategic approach to implementing flexibility across their organizations. They do so not to “accommodate” employee needs, but to ensure they remain high-performing, sustainable, successful companies.”

-Jennifer Sabatini Fraone on Workplace Flexibility